Concrete Flatwork

concrete flatwork

When you think of concrete, you may think of a parking lot or driveway. But concrete can help make so much more. Sidewalks, patios, basements, and many other projects require smooth, flat concrete to maintain their form.

If you have a project that requires concrete flatwork done properly, call on Perry C. Thomas Construction, Inc. We work with your vision to create a plan that gets you the desired results on a timeline that works for you. We only use premium cement concrete, so you can trust that your flatwork is built to last.

Concrete Finishing

Concrete doesn’t have to be boring! Give your concrete project a unique touch with concrete finishing. 

We can add final touches to your concrete flatwork to make your driveway, outdoor seating area, or other concrete space feel uniquely yours. We offer a range of colors, concrete patterns, and sealants that can add beauty to your projects while retaining the permanence and strength of the original building materials.

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