Poured-In-Place Vault Construction

Vaults can do so much more than sit in banks. Poured-in-place vaults are, in essence, large boxes made from concrete. This concrete is poured and molded entirely on-site. Depending on your project needs, this may look like one cement truck pulling up to your worksite in the morning and leaving by mid-afternoon or a steady stream of cement trucks constantly pouring over several days.

The amount of time needed to complete your vault depends on the scale of the project, the grade of the concrete used, and the weather on the day of construction. Generally, you can expect most poured-in-place vaults to take one or two days to complete. This construction solution may be ideal for smaller, simpler projects or for ventures that have a tight timeline.

Make Your Vault Your Own

Many designers choose to keep a traditional rectangular shape for their vaults for the sake of uniformity in their plans. However, with poured-in-place vaults, the sky’s the limit on your vault designs. Because the concrete is poured in the location where it will remain, you don’t need to worry about moving your project. Therefore, you have much more creative freedom with your vault design choices.

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