Precast Vault Installation

Offsite concrete pouring has several advantages. You can move some work off your plate by outsourcing concrete work to another contractor. You can choose when and where your concrete vaults arrive and go into their respective places. What’s more, you don’t need to accommodate multiple cement trucks, track weather forecasts, or do any of the other labor that comes with pouring concrete at your job site. 

If you work in a remote location or are far from any contractors that can efficiently supply multiple cement trucks, trying to coordinate onsite concrete pouring may be challenging. Ordering a precast vault may be the right choice for you in this situation.

Cost-Effective Concrete Solutions

Compared to poured-in-place vaults, precast vaults are much more budget-friendly. Depending upon your requests, they may be made as part of a batch at a plant, cutting labor costs. You also eliminate any need for a crew at your construction site to remain dedicated to laying concrete as it pours. Instead, you wait for your vault to arrive and fill in voids as needed. 

Need another reason to choose precast vaults? They’re an eco-conscious construction choice! Vaults made from nontoxic materials make them an excellent selection for projects situated in natural settings.

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