Sewer Construction

When constructing a large building, every piece of infrastructure must withstand high use rates. This is especially true of a structure’s sewage system. Even more important than that, the sewerage system underneath a building must be so durable that no damage to the system underground has any aboveground consequence. This is not a utility you want to cut corners on.

Finding the Right Sewer Pipes

When laying the groundwork for your structure, you want the security of laying utility lines built to last. Concrete sewers provide a long-lasting solution to your messiest problems. With an expected life expectancy of over 75 years, concrete sewer channels can withstand the usage of your biggest buildings. The durability of a concrete sewage system comes from the material itself. Concrete is fireproof and corrosion-resistant. As such, many problems within the aboveground structure have little or no bearing on the sewer pipes. 

For smaller structures, concrete may be optional. Many common materials, such as PVC, vitrified clay, and ductile iron, can fit the needs of most homes and small businesses. While they tend to require more maintenance over time, these pipes are often more cost-effective for many homeowners.

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