There are no other options for some projects: you’ll need to excavate. Whether you’re laying new pipes for storm drains or sewage systems or attempting to repair a leak in an already-placed pipe, you sometimes have to start digging.

Solving Line Belly and Leaks

Line belly is one of the most common problems when dealing with older sewage and water pipes. It occurs when the materials of the original tube begin to warp as the pipe ages and exposure to corrosive materials increases. When a line belly gets too big, the pipe cracks and can leak into the ground around it. You can solve problems like these at their source by digging the pipes up and repairing them or replacing them altogether.

Trenching can be an incredibly disruptive process in any neighborhood. In an urban area, the effects of digging up a block can multiply. However, not digging up broken pipes can cause even bigger issues. When it’s time to dig, call on Perry C. Thomas Construction Inc. Our teams are trained to complete your trenching project safely and on time. We can also recommend long-term repair or replacement solutions for your water and sewage systems.

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